Southern Dental Refining (SDR) is a local, family-owned company that reclaims and recycles precious metals salvaged by dentist’s offices, dental laboratories, orthodontists, and dental clinics.  We use the newest in refining standards and methods, derived from years of experience, designed to reclaim as much precious metal as possible to yield the highest payout for our clients. We refine gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals used in the dental industry. 

We Keep Our Costs Down and Our Payouts High

SDR operates in Odessa, Florida. By being outside of the major cities of Tampa Bay, we are able to keep overhead low and have easy access to Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota and their neighboring communities.

Nationwide Refiners of Precious Metal Scrap

We purchase dental scrap from anywhere in the United States. We have insured mailing containers for quick and convenient service.

About the Owner

Southern Dental Refining is owned and operated by Alan Katz, a retired Sheriff’s Deputy of 25 years. His interest in metallurgy and desire to help businesses harvest this precious metal led him to founding Southern Dental Refining.

5 Reasons Why SDR is BETTER

We take pride in being different than most scrap metal buyers.

We Pay More – We know everyone says they pay more for dental gold, platinum and palladium, but here’s why we truly do. Southern Dental Refining is the final step before metal gets refined. With no middleman, we can pay you top dollar. Don’t just take our word for it. Read some of the testimonials from the many satisfied dentists, orthodontists and office managers that regularly sell their dental scrap to us.

No Salesman Will Call – We have no salespeople. Some companies have a staff of people to market their service and set appointments, often with wild claims and come-ons. Some go as far as mailing containers to thousands of dentist offices with the hopes of getting a few returned. That manpower and overhead cuts into your payout, and we feel the mass-mining approach is annoying and wasteful. 

Immediate Cash Payout – Some feel this is the most important reason why our metal refining business is better. Getting a payout for your dental scrap shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth (pun intended). If you choose for us visit your office, we will weigh your metal and pay you cash based on the prevailing rate. No waiting for a check that may not come until precious metal prices drop. We’ll pay you on the spot so you can get back to pulling more teeth.

Free Assay Available – We realize that our onsite weighing includes an estimate of how much Non-precious metal is included. While our experience allows us to fairly accurately estimate the actual composition of your content, we realize some people prefer a more accurate measurement. So we offer a free, no obligation analysis of your dental scrap. Within 1 week we’ll return with precisely weighed bar(s) of your metal minus waste and an offer. If you choose to accept our generous offer, we’ll pay you on the spot. If not, you keep your bars and we’ll be on our way.

Fresh Baked Cookies – Lastly, and to many, most importantly, we’ll deliver fresh baked cookies for the staff when we visit your office for pickup or payout. We know these are small details, but they are simple ways we can thank you for the business.

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